Tech. Specification

Operating Frequency

169 MHz


Magnetic and Ultrasonic


Flush Surface

Load Resistance

9 bar


Ø135x75 mm




Pocan ECO T 3240

IP Protection



default Black

cover customizable

Operating Temperature Range

-40/+85 °C

Storage Temperature

-40/+85 °C

Detection Height

0 / 90 cm



Radio Technology

169 MHz

Frequency Band

169 MHz


... KHz

Output Power

at 3,3 Vdc

+27 dBm / 500 mW

Range - In field

in open air without obstacles

10 km

Range - Urban Area

depending on terrain and building


1,5 km

Range - Typical indoor conditions

depending on terrain and building


200 mt

Battery Type

Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Battery Life Estimate

7 Years


CE Pending


Sensors equipped

Ultrasonic radar


Key Advantages

Compact size

Reduced maintenance

Detecting metal bodies and heavy objects

Road surface analysis

Sensor self-calibration

Easy installation and use

Parking lot/User association via smartphone

Shelf life up to 7 years without any maintenance

Flush ground or recessed installation

Dual detection technology

OI Park 169

OI Park

The OI Park has both a magnetometer sensor and an ultrasonic sensor within the same product, and detects the presence of a vehicle or object in the parking area being monitored.

The software installed enables auto-calibration and, thanks to the intelligent use of the two sensors, can detect objects, even non-metallic ones, obstructing the use of the parking area.

The OI Park thus enables objects obstructing the space to be detected, such as snow, refuse, bins, leaves, objects placed to wrongfully reserve the space, etc.

Long range 169 MHz radio frequency technology enables the sensor to send the free/occupied status of the parking area to a gateway, and then to the cloud platform.

Sensor and vehicle communicate using Bluetooth via an app on the user’s smartphone.