Using Technology to develop

ever more Intelligent Cities

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For years, Ste Industries has been developing applications for Smart Cities.

  • Smart Parking

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    Sensors for monitoring indoor and outdoor parking spaces in urban areas. Ste Industries has developed solutions using various technologies (NB-IoT /LoRa / 169 MHz) to meet all the market's different needs and demands.

  • Smart Lighting

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    Energy consumption, efficiency and switching on/off are simple to control remotely thanks to long range radio technology. Products for urban lighting control have been designed in partnership with specialist companies in the industry, guaranteeing excellent reliability.

  • Air Quality

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    Air quality is one of the most important parameters to monitor. Our gateways also include PM10 / PM2.5 sensors able to detect pollution levels and send them to the centre in the cloud.

  • Veichle Traffic and Monitoring

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    One of the most innovative sensors created using Ste Industries technology is an innovative system for controlling and monitoring fire extinguishers. The sensor, affixed directly to the Extinguisher, can detect pressure levels and send the data to the centre.

  • Waste Monitoring

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    Waste is monitored via sensors installed inside the refuse bin that detect how full it is, and then automatically send the data to the centre in the cloud. The centre then sends vehicles the optimal route to take to avoid needlessly wasting time and fuel.


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