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We develop innovative solutions for building monitoring and control. A building that could talk could improve resource management and avoid needless waste.

  • Monitoring & Control

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    Vehicle control and monitoring solutions. Applications for the V2V and V2I sector.

  • Wireless Sensors

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    Micro.sp® technology enables the production of sensors that can be installed in vehicles to eliminate cabling and enhance the vehicle’s efficiency.

  • Smart Parking

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    Sensors for monitoring indoor and outdoor parking spaces in urban areas. Ste Industries has developed solutions using various technologies (NB-IoT / LoRa / 169 MHz) to meet all the market's different needs and demands.

  • Fleet Management

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    Ste Industries has designed various applications for fleet management. Using sensors installed in the vehicle, the platform can provide key data with a view to optimizing time and resources.

  • Driver Identification

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    Micro.sp® products are well suited to driver identification solutions, whether or not the driver is authorized to use the vehicle. The Micro.sp® keychain ensures unbroken communication and delivers useful information to the vehicle and to the cloud.

  • Marketing Platform

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    Ste Industries has created the world's first one-to-one Marketing platform especially designed for car dealers. The system can manage customer-targeted promotional campaigns and ensures ongoing contact between car dealer and customer.


Discover our gateways, sensors and platforms for your IoT solutions.