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Alcar’s partnership - - has broadened applications in vehicles, integrating electonics and sensors to moving mechanical parts.

We would like to think that such synergy has opened a new window to mechatronics giving value added benefits to components in vehicles for monitoring behaviours such as, load, deformations temperature, many other parameters.



Together with Alcar we designed the first front-loader and telehandler with a comprehensive wireless sensor systems.

The integration of Micro.sp® sensor technology allows user and OEM’s to acquire historical data that before was not achiveable. The wireless system also assists operators with their job with display and alarms that can be triggered in case of overload or wrong use of the machine.

The system’s gateway uses GSM/GPRS connectivity to send data to the cloud for remote storage and analysis.

Smart vehicle

Smart telehandler

wireless sensors infrastructure



Alcar products have been equipped with the following sensors:

Position Sensors

Position sensors / inclinometers that can detect the position of the arm in 3 axis.

Using multiple sensors determines the perfect distance, inclination and opening of the arm relative to the vehicle.

Wireless Spindle

The wireless spindle is surely, among the developed sensors, the most innovative. Inside of the pin we have integrated a number of wireless strain gauge sensors capable of detecting the deformation of the spindle in all critical stress direction. Therefore, the same spindle mounted on a front-loader, is able to return information and data on its use with the aid of bespokes algorithms added to the firmware.

The spindle is also equipped with an accelerometer, inclinometer and a temperature sensors for comprehensive mechanical analysis.

Accelerometer Sensors

Acceleration and inclination are monitored by means of an integrated control system that can be added to vehicles for monitoring use and efficiency.

Strain Sensors for telehandler

The strain sensor is very useful both telehandler arms and front-loaders to understand a series of parameters including: the load, deformation, oil temperature, fatigue and so on.

RFID Tools Identification

A small active RFID helps recording and (up to 10 years) sending a unique identification code to the control units. Micro.sp® RFID are normally used for the association of implements to vehicles.



Micro.sp® technology is designed for the monitoring of vehicles.

A gateway, installed in the cabin, collects and sends dta to a remote central server for records and analysis. Therefore, parameters such as load, oil temperature, pressure, fuel consumption and many others can be integrated for further mechanical behavior analysis.

Vehicles are Web Data Collectors with built-in technologies for monitoring and communication.




Complete wireless CANBUS/ISOBUS gateway solution integrated with Octo Telematics kernel module.

The GreenBox is a control unit capable of reading data from wireless sensors and processing data through powerful micro-controllers that relay inputs to the system. Data are sent to a onboard dedicated display as well as to the cloud via an integrated modem.

The box It is equipped with a sim-on-chip that allows remote activation avoiding the activation by bespoke operators.

This configuration is also equipped with a GPS module for the location of the vehicles. The accelerometer and the gyro provide inertial measurements and inclination of the vehicle in a given position.