One-To-One marketing platform

with bluetooth tracker

CARPOINT - MyConnect


MyConnect Carpoint is an enterprise solution for Carpoint, a car dealership.

The solution is integrated to a dedicated in-cloud platform.

Such solution is shared by multiple showrooms for marketing efforts, but not only.

The system has a tracker Bluetooth (MyTag) which communicates with the mobile device through MyConnect application and the online platform (Ios and Android versions).


As a marketing tool the tracker so far allow their customers find their lost keys and memorise where the car was parked.

Through MyConnect the dealer monitors the individual service scheduling, mot revisions, insurance or coupons, beside providing access to personalised promotions that the dealer may supply in support of such services. Through MyConnect platform, the dealer is able to develop one-to-one marketing campaign to their clients, and allows a direct communication between the dealer and the owner and between the owner and their cars.