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Micro.sp® technology has proven to be successful in previous tyre integrations for standard TPMS systems, and is currently being used in the tyre industry.

  • Tire Management

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    Ste Industries has designed for Bridgestone the smallest TPMS extensor on the market today, for monitoring and managing truck tyres.

  • TPMS

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    System for measuring pressure and temperature of tyres with very lower power consumption. Ste Industries makes products specifically for tyres, both sensors inside the tyre and external applications. Micro.sp® technology enables a seamless integration for minimal bulk and reduced end-product weight.

  • TMS - 2D Patch Leaf

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    To define a wheel as intelligent, an ever-greater quantity of data must be transferred. Pressure and temperature are no longer sufficient. With the Ste Industries patch, based on Micro.sp® technology, other parameters can be measured, such as RFID, number of revolutions and direction of rotation, besides temperature and pressure.


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