Sensors equipped

3D Axis accell.



Connectable sensors

Strain Gauge

Resistive Sensor

PT1000 temperature sensor

Key Advantages

Patent technology

High peak power transmission

Each product is tested individually

Ultra low power trasmission

Easy installation and use

Connect more things: Internal and external sensors

Shelf life up to 10 years without any maintenance

IP69K - Industrial case

Fully customizable modular sensor network

Tech. Specification


76x72x25 mm





IP Protection


Mounting Options

2xM4 Screws

Operating Temperature Range

-40/+85 °C

Operating Humidity Range

0/85 % non condensing


Internal magnetic loop

antenna resonating

at 434Mhz

Radio Technology

Micro.sp® technology

Frequency Band

434 MHz


300 KHz

Output Power

at 3Vdc

+20 dBm  100 mW

Range - In field

in open air without obstacles and antenna installed at 1,5 mt from the ground

50 mt

Range - Typical indoor conditions

depending on terrain and building structure

20 mt

Battery Type

CR2450 Lithium Coin Cell

Battery Life Estimate

Slow Mode

9 Years

Battery Life Estimate

Average Mode

2,5 Years

Battery Life Estimate

Fast Mode

5 Years


CE Pending

R&TTE 1999/5/EC

EN 300 220-2 EU

ERC/REC 70-03

EN 55022:2010 class B

EN 60950-1 Safety

Seed Collector

Seed Collector

The Seed Collector can manage one or more sensors in the same product. It is therefore possible to connect your own sensors to the Seed and eliminate cables in the vehicle.

The seed Collector can be installed in cars/vehicles, implements (ploughs, carts, etc.) or directly in the environment (in the warehouse, in a field etc.).

The product is part of the Inpulse range and is fully compatible with the  Inpulse Gateway (Greenbox series).

It is specifically designed for Agriculture/off-road vehicles, and the plastic case and connectors are designed to comply with IP69K protection standards, resistant to high pressure water jets.

The Seed Collector is a Micro.sp® device able to be connected to different kinds of external sensors.

It is designed to operate in extreme environments, thanks to the advanced integration of components and antennas inside the box.