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Ste Industries offering the most advanced modular sensor fusion.

  • Vehicles Management

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    Ste Industries focuses on monitoring the machinery as well as the field by removing the need for cables and power sources.

  • Insurance Applications

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    By partnering with specialist companies, our solutions are targeted on developing applications for insurance, of vehicles, the fields or the farms themselves.

  • Farm & Livestock  Monitoring

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    Farm monitoring is centralized and managed in a simple and intuitive way. All the data is collected and sent to a dedicated platform that is accessible at anytime from anywhere.

  • Critical Areas Monitoring

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    The monitoring of critical areas is an extremely important aspect for smart agriculture.  Ste Industries technologies enable the monitoring of both limited and more extensive areas.

  • Field Monitoring

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    The latest products designed for agriculture are used and installed directly in the field and are able to create a network infrastructure that collects valuable data on the state of the fields. The predictive platform can provide guidelines on the best course of action given the time available.

  • Animal tracking & Monitoring

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    Small sensors allow information on the animals to be gathered, such as position, ID number and temperature. By using receivers inside the facility, data can be collected on the transit of animals at a certain point or gate.

  • Weather Monitoring

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    The use of weather stations in installations in the fields enables reliable weather forecasts to be provided in real time. Combined with the data on the platform, this provides a range of useful information for the farmer.

  • Identification of Farmers & Workers

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    Workplace safety is an essential part of the concept of innovation. In this area, Ste Industries has created, together with some of its partners, applications for monitoring and identifying personnel, as well as systems for sending an alarm to the centre in the event of a problem or hazard.


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